Barcelona is one of the best cities to enjoy art in so if you are an art lover, you’re in for a ride. This city has been known for its artistic vibe for years and let’s not forget to mention its amazing architectural landmarks, like Gaudi’s buildings to name a few. Great globally-renowned artists and locally-known street-art stars, have made Barcelona a street art destination on the up. Here are some of our top picks for you.


Galería Abandonada

where to see street art in Barcelona - Galería Abandonada

The Galería Abandonada is a project that consist of creating art in places that would normally be deemed inhospitable. Transforming these spaces with artistic interventions and installations creates a vision that is enjoyably far from their reality for the viewer. In this way, art is used a renewing tool.

The concept was formed in an abandoned gallery, as if it were a space for large-format artistic exhibitions. The installations are mainly contemporary in style and in the way they’re displayed, in some way they evoke an alternate “Art Biennale” – making it a pioneering project in its style.

The Galería Abandonada has several spaces, there are rooms, corridors and micro rooms invaded and taken over by art. It’s a wonderful and original experience for art lovers! 



Kronos Art BCN

where to see street art in Barcelona - Kronos Art BCN

Kronos Art BCN is a contemporary art charity festival. Within the extensive program of activities of the multidisciplinary festival, you will find works by national and international artists, as well as diverse artistic disciplines.

Among other actions taken by Kronos Art BCN, they focus on fundraising for the association “Actúa Ayuda Alimenta” (#AAA), which helps those artists and their families who are suffering with difficulties.

In the latest edition urban art was also part of the festival incorporating a new space: “Els Jardins de les Tres Xemenies” with a Live Painting action over 12 uninterrupted hours,



Balcons de Barcelona

where to see street art in Barcelona - Balcons de Barcelona

This painting was made in 1992 by the French group Cité de la Création within the famous Barcelona campaign, “Posa’t Guapa” that the Barcelona City Council promoted between 1986 and 1992. Among the actions taken, the City Council recovered and painted various walls of the city. In the case of Balcons de Barcelona, the work was inaugurated by Mayor Pasqual Maragall, who was also responsible for the 92 Olympics, and the work is still here to this day.

This artwork is located in a building in between Pablo Neruda square and Enamorados 3 street, which had a dividing wall that produced an unsightly appearance. Thus, a mural was made that occupies the entire wall. It simulates a building facade with balconies where various famous people appear. The chosen characters are 26 famous personalities from Barcelona’s cultural world.

Plaza de Pablo Neruda



Tim Marsh in Poblenou

where to see street art in Barcelona - Tim Marsh in Poblenou

Tim Marsh is an artist who in recent years has been very active in urban planning in Barcelona. He is a multidisciplinary artist who never stops creating and experimenting with different formats and creative styles. We can see him paint from walls to canvas, in light painting format, and even on skateboards, which are full of his artistic works. 

He has a very unique pictorial universe, charged mainly by the animal and plant kingdom in a world of geometric shapes with a dynamism that fills the works with movement and color. You will have the opportunity to see well-known sports characters, superheroes, cartoon characters, directors and movie characters, among others.



Jardins de les Tres Xemeneies, Barcelona

where to see street art in Barcelona - Jardins de les Tres Xemeneies, Barcelona

In the Jardins de les Tres Xemeneies, urban art comes to life every minute that passes, one day you can find all its walls full of murals and graffiti and return a few hours or a few days and find all of them completely changed into strange and surprising new forms. 

This amazing spot has three large walls where artists can express their creativity freely with no fear of being fined for it. All that is needed is to register as an artist, check for available dates and book the space where you want to paint. There’s no charge. Making this an ever changing open-air art gallery for graffiti and street art.

The park gets it’s name from the 3 brick chimneys that are all remains of a power station built by the Barcelona Traction Power and Light Company. This park is the most urban of Barcelona’s urban parks. It is located near Montjuïc in the Poble-sec neighbourhood.

Av. del Paral·lel, 49, 08004 Barcelona


So when it comes to street art, Barcelona is definitely a top option to visit. There are so many choices to choose from to enjoy some of Barcelona’s most amazing art. And if you fancy mixing street art with Barcelona’s original architectural art, don’t forget to take a look at our Segway Tours, like our Gaudí Segway Tour.