What to visit in a 1 Day Trip in Barcelona

Is it possible to visit Barcelona in just one day? What would the best itinerary to move around the city if I only have 24 hours?

Today we bring you a touristic route that mixes history, politics and leisure that will allow you to discover all Barcelona´s different faces and diverse history. This is more than a touristic route: it´s an itinerary to stroll, to wander through the city enjoying its monuments and vibe. It´s the perfect plan for those who want to enjoy Barcelona´s rhythm and flavour without worrying about “seeing it all”.

If you only have one day to visit Barcelona, this is our recommendation to achieve the “perfect one day visit”

A 1 day trip in Barcelona

1. Morning

The best way to wake up and feel Barcelona is getting as close as you can to the Mediterranean Sea. That’s why a perfect day in Barcelona would start with a walk through Barcelona’s beaches, crossing the waterfront until the end while smelling the scent of the sea and greeting the rest of the early risers. Depending on which side of the waterfront you started from, your walk will take you to the Vela Hotel or the Olympic Port. You can get a delicious breakfast, whether in one of the Olympic boardwalk restaurants or in the Vela Hotel Cafeteria.

If you are into fitness and want to start the day with a little exercise, you can go to the Montjuic Mountain for a little run. It´s the perfect way to stay healthy while enjoying one of the most beautiful natural spots in the whole city. After that, a tasty brunch with some Catalan specialties like “pa amb tomàquet” (bread with mashed tomato) or “brioches mixtos” (French buns with ham and cheese) will give you all the energy you need to continue the itinerary.

2. Noon

If you want to visit the Old Town, Plaça Catalunya is the perfect spot to start the route. From there you can walk to La Rambla, Barcelona´s main street, since it crosses from the centre of the city to the sea. From its earliest origins, La Rambla was an ancient torrent that flowed from the mountains to the Plaça Universitat and then through its current layout. At the beginning of the 18th century, along the torrent there was a road bordered by convents and walls. In 1704 those walls were substituted by new houses and large trees until 1777, when the area was urbanized and that piece of La Rambla became the Boulevard it is today.

The noon is the perfect moment of the day to go shopping since most stores are not that crowded compared to the evening. Streets like Enric Granados, Passeig del Born and Portal del l’Àngel are plenty of stores where you can find the fashion trends, great deals and the perfect gift for that special someone. If you get tired and want to take a break, go to one of the charming inner city bars and ask for a “caña” (glass of beer) and a “tapa” (a little ration of food). Two emblematic spots we definitely recommend are Can Culleretes and Casa Alfonso. You will feel better instantly!

3. Afternoon

La Sagrada Familia, the Agbar Tower or the Christopher Columbus Statue are some of the landmarks that make Barcelona´s skylight unique in the world. That´s why sightseeing from a terrace is an experience you can´t miss when you travel to Barcelona. There are lots of terraces and spots built for that purpose: restaurants such as the Grand Hotel Central Sky Bar or chill out zones like the Royal Hotel Terrace. You have several options in Barcelona to enjoy a snack, have a meal in the restaurant or get the first drinks of the night while enjoying the view. Some of them even have swimming pools!

But if there is a Barcelona terrace to highlight, that would be La Casa de les Punxes Terrace. Located in the Diagonal Avenue, La Casa de les Punxes is a modernist building designed by the Catalan architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch. In the terrace you can enjoy the pointed towers from where the building gets its name while enjoying a glass of Cava (Catalan Champagne) from its bar. Classy and refreshing at the same time.

4. Night

The city of Barcelona enters in a new chapter with the after dark. The best way to end the perfect day and start an unforgettable night is to go get dinner in one the famous Barceloneta neighbourhood “chiringuitos” (restaurants in the beach). Or going to the opposite side of the city, the mountain, to enjoy a Mediterranean dinner from the splendid Mirabé balcony. Another of our personal recommendations would be having a glass of sparkling wine in the Vinya del Señor, an elegant classic tavern with wines and tapas with marble bar and aged wood.

After that it´s time to go live the Barcelona night in the many concert halls, clubs and pubs. The city is full of entertainment options like dancing, drinking, theatre, meeting new people and watching live music shows. The two main Barcelona clubs are Apolo (Poble Sec District) and Razzmatazz (Poble Nou District), both with the trendiest techno music in the current music world. The Gracia district is the perfect area to have dinner, get drinks and hang out with your friends in some of its crowded squares.

Barcelona is full of historic landmarks and entertainment options, both cultural and enjoyable. The best way to visit the mediterranean city is combining a complete and efficient touristic route (in an ebike or Segway, for example) with a long walk through the city centre, exploring and discovering all the special spots that aren´t that known by most of the tourists. Combining it with a gastronomic experience in a good restaurant would complete your one day visit and make an unforgettable trip.

So if your time is limited and you want to make the most of your Barcelona day, follow these tips. We promise you won´t regret it!

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