Few such simple recipes have gone this far. The taco, a Mexican tortilla stuffed with various fillings, is so well-liked that it has its own holiday on March 31st. The culture of Mexican cuisine has long been prevalent in Barcelona and tacos are unquestionably one of the city’s most beloved foods. 

Because of their joyful flavor and widespread popularity, every day of the year is a good day to eat tacos. Browse through some of our top taco spots in Barcelona…


Xuba Tacos 

Xuba is without a doubt one of Barcelona’s top taquerias, despite the fact that its chef is not Mexican. Opened in 2021, this restaurant was the brainchild of Antonio Sáez, who oversaw the kitchens at Lasarte and Hotel Arts. His goal was to elevate tacos beyond the norm and he has succeeded in doing so because, in addition to being delicious, his creations are unusual. 

Don’t miss their limited edition tacos, the one with potatoes and chorizo or the one they make with duck meat and foie gras, for instance. Other spectacular dishes to try are the tacos del chef that include tostada de atún or the taco de pulpo.

Carrer de Mallorca, 194




Tlaxcal is typically mentioned when you ask a Mexican where in Barcelona they find tacos that are more like those back home. Furthermore, some of the most classic delicacies, such al pastor, suadero, chochinita pibil and gobernador, are assembled by this taqueria in the Born. They provide tacos for every taste, both meat and fish, but the tongue taco is our recommendation because it is not as well-known outside of Mexico. 

Carrer de Comerç, 27



Gastro-Taquería Mexicana 

Skulls abound, Mexican needlework adorns tables in the traditional coyoacán manner. You feel as though you are somehow in Mexico the moment you walk through the door of the Mexican Gastro-Taqueria. Even more so after sampling their excellent and generous tacos. The chef of this business maintains that if it doesn’t taste like Mexico, it has no place on his menu, which makes the Momia with prawns noteworthy. It is cooked as closely as possible to the original recipe. 

The taco they make with stewed chicken and Mole Poblano is also really tasty. In contrast to other taquerias, they also provide huaraches made with blue tortilla dough and served with prawns, chicken or beef. A seven-course tasting menu is available for 35 euros.

Carrer de París, 38



Typical tacos with an odd combination of Asian and Latin flavors. This is the bet made by Chamako, the taco shop that has been operating out of the former Sasha bar in Poblesec, for a while now. After a thorough renovation, the industrial space features a sizable terrace and a DJ booth. In addition to a somewhat eclectic cuisine that includes gyozas from Jalisco or Langoschino, as well as oysters and ceviches in the Chamako style that pair nicely with their tacos and tortillas. The shrimp is sautéed with kimchi and Thai veggies in the delicious Karateka Shrimp dish. For fans of tacos and fusion cuisine, this place is.

Carrer de Margarit, 18



La Pachuca

Located in the Gothic Quarter’s center, from the same people who created the well-known El Pachuco, its older brother. These tacos are quite something. Like the cochinita pibil or carnitas, they are real Mexican tacos that have succeeded in transcending time and place to give you the impression that you are gobbling food from Mexico. When your order is ready to be picked up at the bar, you must pay close attention to the instructions on the sheet you fill out specifying the tacos you want.

Due of its small size, the establishment can quickly fill up, so plan to wait in queue and carry cash as they are the only accepted method of payment. The décor is reminiscent of Mexican eateries in Barcelona, featuring authentic Mexican accents without turning into a pastiche. There’s even a little altar dedicated to Malverde and the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Carrer d’en Carabassa 19



So now you know that to have some delicious tacos, you don’t need to travel to Mexico, which is handy if you’re in Barcelona! And the selection here is gradually raising the standard by adding experimental restaurants where the tacos aren’t always made according to the original recipe. Enjoy your tacos after working up some hunger on our Gaudí Segway Tour! You’ll deserve them.