8 extraordinary things to do in Barcelona during winter

Do you love traveling even when it’s cold? Well, Barcelona is not the coldest place in the world, but it changes a little when the winter is coming. Luckily Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunny days, with permanent clear blue skies, and it doesn’t rain very often. It is a fascinating city, very crowded, with so many things to do and even in winter, you will find lots of tourists and locals being entertained and having fun outside.

The city is alive during all year long. You can find a lot of activities in Barcelona to have a great time and places to enjoy by yourself, with your partner, your friends, your family or your company. Check out these things to do in Barcelona during winter and start thinking about your next trip to the Catalan capital. You don’t need to wait until summer!

1. Try Ice Skating and have a lot of fun

Do you love skating on the ice? You can do it in Barcelona every day of the year, but it’s in winter when this practice becomes more frequent in the city! So, if you want to enjoy with some locals in the ice rink, this is the time. Take your skates or rent some in the same ice skating rink. It’s not expensive, and you will have a great time there. Don’t forget to wear gloves; these can protect you if you fall.

What are the top ice skating spots in Barcelona?

2. Visit Museums in Barcelona

When the weather is cold outside, and you don’t feel like going out, you can have a break and visit the museums. These are an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the history and the essence of Barcelona. There are so many historical museums in Barcelona that will approach you to what this city has become, but also you can find alternative ones and many others of a specific nature such as science museums or special ones like the Chocolate Museum. Every week you can see new exciting expositions in the city too. So if you like, you can spend some of your time deleting yourself with a different kind of them. Barcelona is full of them!

The top museums to visit in Barcelona:

  • Catalan National Art Museum (MNAC)
    The MNAC offers an impressive collection of Art from Medieval Romanesque Art to Photography and Numismatics with a selection of 136.000 coins, there’s something for everyone here.
  • MACBA Contemporary Art
    The MACBA collection unites the work of local, national and international artists, especially South-American, eastern countries and recently also added works from North African, Middle East and Arabic artists.
  • The Egyptian Museum
    The pharaohs in Barcelona? Yes! An exposition of Egyptian artifacts in Barcelona.
  • Picasso Museum
    The Picasso Museum is located next to the cathedral (not the Sagrada Familia) and definitely worth a visit.

3. Enjoy the beaches and the breeze

Yes, you’ve read it right! One of the most amazing things to do in Barcelona is to enjoy its beaches, even in winter. Have a walk, sit on a terrace, go surfing or kitesurfing, or just lay on the sand and read a book, under the sun, feeling the fresh air from the sea.

Paddle surfing has also become very popular in the recent years. But if you are more into a sailing mood, you can do it too in Barcelona.

For the early birds: remember to watch at least one sunrise on the beach of Barcelona. It’s wonderful. You won’t regret it!

4. Hang out on a terrace and relax

In Barcelona, you can take a snack, have a drink or eat outside even when it’s freezing. Most terraces in the city are equipped with very powerful outdoor stoves, so you would surely take off your coat! Forget the cold and enjoy the magical atmosphere in every corner of Barcelona.
Either in restaurants at street level or the attics of some hotels, restaurants or museums you will have a great time.

5. Go Skiing in the mountains

Ok, it’s not really in Barcelona where you can go skiing or snowboarding, but if you love mountains, those are very close to the city. You don’t even need a car to go there. There are so many possibilities to get to the ski slopes: by bus, by train,… If you like, you can wake up early in the morning and come back the same day too.

Where to ski near Barcelona?

The top ski areas near Barcelona are called La Masella and La Molina and are probably the most famous ones here in Barcelona. Those are not too far away by and can be reached by bus as well. During the winter season (until the 2nd of April) there’s a bus leaving at Hard Rock Cafe every Tuesday and Thursday, for example, which you can book with ski tickets, transport and insurance included.

6. Experience Barcelona in the markets

There are so many things to do in Barcelona during winter. One of them is visiting the markets and why not, take the occasion to have breakfast or lunch in there – if possible. Markets like the famous Boquería or El Mercat del Ninot are only some of the choices you could find in the city. But, if you are looking for some antiquities or you want to buy some handmade clothing, Barcelona is the place to be! Here you can take a look at the list of markets in Barcelona to check this winter: food markets and non-food markets. Sure you will find what you are searching.

7. English cinema for everyone

Do you want to feel like home? Choose English Language cinemas in Barcelona and flee the “cold” winter. You would taste the city as locals do. Grab your drink, some sweets, popcorn and relax at your sit. Check out the Movie guide for films showing in English in Barcelona.

Keep in mind that these cinemas are smaller cinemas with a smaller selection of film but therefore offer them in original language version.One of the popular cinemas with original language sound is Yelmo Cines, also check Filmoteca de Catalunya, Cines Renoir and Cinemes Girona.

8. Winter Sales: Shopping in Barcelona

Winter sales start in Barcelona after Christmas time. Although some shops have advanced the discounts this year, is not until the day after the 3 Kings Holiday that stores open with lots of different prices and opportunities to buy all kind of gadgets, clothes, household items, and much more. Visiting the center of Barcelona the first weekend of winter sales would be a risky activity if you love quiet places. But if you are one of those who like a little bit of action, go for it! You could find your favorite pieces at a lower price!


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